Mr. Joseph N. Thilakaratne
on ITN Malpara (16/02/2018)

Mrs. Carol Gooneratne
on Sirasa Liyathambara (05/04/2019)

Mrs. Carol Gooneratne
on Sirasa Liyathambara (19/07/2019)

Mental Helath of Students in Post Covid19 Period

Mrs. Carol Gooneratne

Mrs. Carol Gooneratne

Managing your emotions and self care in the uncertainty of Covid19

Our Journey

A new journey begins. 38th AGM of SRILNAC.

Activities of Srilnac during the years 2020 - 2022

Our Journey through 2022-2023


Mrs. Carol Gooneratne speaking on Emotional Intelligence on national television.

A New Year Resolution with laughter to help us through our journey in life.

Building an Intra personal relationship is a key aspect for good mental wellbeing.

The Unconscious Connections of the Mind between childhood and adult relationships.

We all go through anxiety when it comes to an examination.

Difference in nature is respected.

Parenting during Covid-19

දඟ දරුවන් මෙල්ල කරන්න හොඳම මෙවලම

Behaviour issues of Children.

A Hand to the drug problem.

අමිහිරි මතකයන් මකන්න පුළුවන්ද?

Negative bias

Coping in adversity

Teen Suicide

Life is precious.

Music Therapy boosts and fosters Mental Wellbeing.

Heathy Communication with your Partner